High-school physics club


Feynman's wobbling plate
A set of explorations accompanied by the interactive applet showing a zero-torque motion of a plate, disc, cuboid, etc. Leads a student to uncover the simple reason of the 1:2 wobbling to spin rate ratio of a plate thrown in the air, mentioned by Richard Feynman in the Cornel cafeteria story in his Surely You Are Joking, Mr. Feynman! book.

Motion of satellites around Earth
This applet shows a three-dimensional model of Earth and a satellite orbiting it. Operator can change initial conditions of its motion and observe the changing "circle of visibility" and traces of the satellite in space and on the Earth surface.

The flickering bulb paradox
This curricular material is devoted to the famous Flickering bulb paradox in Special Relativity. It is possible to observe what is going on in both frames of reference (laboratory and rocket). Acompanied by six explorations for students.